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29 Dec

Top Translation Errors


 Translation is a technical task that requires hands-on skills. Translators must possess strong command over syntax, phraseology and etymology of words to effectively translate them into their true meaning.  But while performing this task translators commit number of errors.

  1. Doing Translation Verbatim

Translation needs to interpret a script into other language in the same style as it is intended. There are different syntactic rules for different languages which must be understood before doing the translation.

  1. Exaggerating the Meaning of Words

To effectively translate a script, it is important to not exaggerate it with technical words or complex sentences.

  1. Using Wrong Words

There are certain words which cannot be translated into other language. For example, there is no equivalent for the word “Holy Grail” in other languages. Similarly, you cannot translate the word “Netilat Yadayim Shacharit” into any other language. Since these words are associated with cultural and religious process, you cannot interpret them in context of other religions.

  1. Lacking the Communication Skills

In any business, communication is a bridge between you and customer. To establish good understanding with a client, it is important to engage with him in two-way communication. So overlooking the importance of effective communication comes end up in poor translation.

  1. Not Translating In An Appropriate Style

To convey real meaning of a topic, it is important to translate a document in the right tone. For example, a script of a legal document will sound totally different from a script of a movie.


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