The difference between interpretation and translation on the surface is only difference between the medium: the interpreter translates verbally, whereas a translator gives the meaning of written text. Interpretation is the basic need of modern global market. To communicate and proper understanding of your business colleagues, partners, and clients, you need interpretation services. This provide higher sales, increase revenue, converse better, and understanding of all the clients’ requirements in an efficient manner.

Consecutive Interpretation

In Consecutive Interpretation the interpreter speaks after speaking the source-language speaker. The speech is divided into sections, and the interpreter sits or stands next to the source-language speaker, the speaker listens and takes notes as a progress through the message.

This can help with small meetings, business conferences, sales meetings, conversation with colleagues, and product demo meetings etc.

Simultaneous Interpretation

Simultaneous interpretation is a popular method of explanation that is different from consecutive interpretation. In addition to what is said in real-time, interpreters are transformed. There is no break in the conversation. This can assist you on large scale during international conferences, international seminars, public gatherings, court hearings, political meetings, etc.