Voice-Over is production technique where a voice or dialogue done by an off-screen narrator or voice artist/specialist. This technique is used in radio, television production, film making, theater, or other presentations, documentaries, news reports etc. Voice over is usually pre-recorded, which is attached to the video/Audio file later on.

There are few types of Voice-over

  • Commercial

Commercial voice over professional promotes a particular product or service. This promotion may involve narration or voice acting, depending on the type of commercial the voice over artist is recording. Like- Radio, TV, Promos, and Internet broadcast ad campaigns, etc.

  • Narration

Narration Voice-over is an offstage commentary like – Radio, Television production, Film making, Theater, Audio books, Technical Medical narration, Virtual Home tours or other presentations.

  • Telephonic

Commercial telephone voice recordings and telephone greetings, corporate voicemail systems, interactive voice response, voicemail greetings, telephone surveys and much more comes under the Telephonic voice over.

  • Corporate/Industrial

In the Corporate voice over – Product Videos, Industrial Videos, Promotional Videos, Product demonstrations, Trade show exhibits, training programs etc are involved.

  • Education

In the education field E-learning modules, Educational video, Tutorials, Online courses, Educational Audio book, etc.

  • Entertainment

In Entertainment voice over- Movies, Music, TV series, Animation series, Cartoons series, Animated films etc. are involved.

  • Animation

Animated Children’s books, Videos and Video games, Toys talk or Cartoons, Anime, Animation series, etc.